Bozeman Energy Project  |  INCENTIVE APPLICATION

City of Bozeman Cash Incentive. We can help you save money and reduce energy use while helping the Greater Bozeman Community and the environment.

City of Bozeman Cash Incentives:


  • $500-$2,500 one-time incentive per business

  • Can be used for equipment, energy conservation measures & installation costs

  • City funds can match up to 33% of out-of-pocket costs, after NWE rebates

  • Projects must be located within Bozeman city limits

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BenefitsExample 1Example 2
Project Cost$2,000$8,700
NorthWestern Energy Rebate$(500)$(1,200)
Revised Project Cost$1,500$7,500
Bozeman Incentive Fund$(500)$(2,500)
Final Cost$1,000$5,000
  • Applicants must contract with Northwestern Energy to perform an energy appraisal and agree to implement one or more energy efficiency/conservation recommendations for the building(s) based on the findings of the energy appraisal.
  • Applicants agree to grant permission to NorthWestern Energy to release information associated with applicant account as required to support performance of Efficiency Plus (E+) Appraisal and associated incentives or rebates provided for the purpose of participating in the Bozeman Energy Project.
  • Only projects recommended in the NorthWestern Energy appraisal or pre-approved independent audit will be approved for funding.
  • Applicants must complete benchmarking with EPA’s Portfolio Manager using utility data from the 12 months prior to the energy efficiency/conservation retrofit and the 12 months post-retrofit.
  • Applicants agree to verify usage and provide the City of Bozeman access to Portfolio Manager account.
  • Applicants agree to on-site visits from City of Bozeman staff and Northwestern Energy Appraisers.
  • Applicants must adhere to the procurement requirements outlined in section 6, “Documentation and Selection of Vendors” of the City of Bozeman’s Purchasing Policy (see “BEP Purchasing Requirements”).
  • All work done pursuant to the Incentive must be completed by licensed, insured, and bonded contractors.
  • Applicants will be reimbursed only after submitting invoices and a Statement of Completion signed by the applicant and contractor.
  • Applicants must be located within the city limits of Bozeman.
  • Incentive funds may be used for the purchase of equipment, energy conservation measures, and installation costs. Renewable energy systems will be considered after all other reasonable conservation and efficiency strategies have been implemented.

Incentive Application:


  • (Final Project Costs may be revised following project completion).
  • (not to exceed 33% of Total Out-of-Pocket Cost).

  • Please include the following files:

  • Drop files here or